cristian_bwI’m a native of Romania, but I started learning English at the age of 6, when my dad had a flash of inspiration and asked one of his friends, who was an English language teacher, if he could give me a few lessons. Dad recorded those lessons on his old magnetophon and played them back to me day in, day out, until things began to stick in my head. So even though I’m not a native speaker, my English is pretty close to, if not already at that level, as many people have discovered.

Fate brought me to London, where I’ve lived for nearly 6 years and where I met my lovely wife. After I somehow managed to trick University College London (UCL) into giving me an MA in Human RIghts, I started to volunteer and then work full time in an international development charity, where I am to be found at present, from 9 to 5 on a weekday. Though I am not an “authorised” translator (never cared much for bureaucracy) I have a knack for the written word, which has thus far served me well.

Translation is something of a hobby for me – in fact that’s how it all started, when I decided to translate a book about the history of Romania for my wife (who is Polish) after failing to find something decent enough out there for her. I may occasionally work on commissioned jobs, but I choose my biggest projects based on passion and interest, because I see a bit of a mission for myself in all of this. I now translate books and short stories from Romanian into English, in the hope that people in Britain (and generally, the English-speaking world) will discover that Romanians are not half as bad as they think, and that their history, culture and folklore are, in fact, quite fascinating.

I hope you will feel the same after reading my translations.

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