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A Brief Illustrated History of RomaniansA_Brief_Illustrated_History_of_Romanians

Neagu Djuvara, Cristian Anton
Humanitas 2014
ISBN 9789735043346

Available from Amazon UK and

This is an honest, comprehensive account of the history of Romanians and as such, it is no ordinary history book. Neagu Djuvara, one of Romania’s foremost historians, has the audacity to tackle some of the most delicate and controversial issues in Romania’s past under the guise of light storytelling. With the addition of over 400 maps and illustrations, the book gives readers a chance to catch a glimpse into the world of barbarians and medieval princes depicted in wonderful illuminated manuscripts, or that of Romania’s birth as a nation. Together, the story and illustrations intertwine to form a new, enhanced historical account – and hopefully, one not lacking in originality.
“Neagu Djuvara’s A Brief Illustrated History of Romanians offers a synopsis of Romanian history and culture, easier to understand and visualise thanks to the work’s graphic dimension.”
“Neagu Djuvara is a Romanian intellectual with a striking history, who and has just produced A Brief Illustrated History of Romanians, which immediately goes into my short list of beautiful books”.
– Nomadron
“Should be compulsory reading”
– Facebook reader, RCI page

To read an excerpt from the book, click here.

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